Dr. Carol Chipman
Band Director
10280 Godwin Rd.
Arlington TN 38002


Pay Band Fees


  • Sixth Grade: Time for Band (This book is included in the Band fee.)
  • Seventh Grade: Technic Today, Bk. 1, by Ployhar
                              Time for Rhythm by David Ryan
  • Eighth Grade: Technic Today, Bk. 2, by Ployhar
                            Time for Rhythm by David Ryan
  • 7th& 8th Grade Percussionists need to purchase both the bells/mallets and drum versions of the Technic Today books.Purchase only the bells/mallets book of Time for Rhythm.
  • 7th and 8th Grade Percussion Students will need the following:
    • One Pair of Vic Firth SD 1 Snare Drum Sticks
    • One Pair of Vic Firth Timpani Mallets (general, not staccato)
    • One Pair of Vic Firth or Musser Xylophone Mallets (hard)
    • One Pair of Vic Firth or Musser Xylophone Yarn Mallets (soft)
    • One stick case for storage

    These items will be needed for each Band Class. Label each stick or mallet with your initials. Please have these by the second week of school. 7th & 8th Grade Percussion students will be required to bring a bell kit to class if he/she hasn’t learned the assignments (snare, mallets, etc.). Percussion students must have either a keyboard or bell kit for at home practice.

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