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Sat., Dec. 13, 2008

University School

232 McClellan Road

Jackson, TN 38305

School Phone # 731-664-0812



Thurs.- Sat., Jan. 29-31, 2008

Cannon Center for the Performing Arts

Memphis, TN


      The All-West TN Jr. Band auditions are a regional (West TN) audition for instrumental music students grades 9 and below.  Students will be auditioning for positions in one of 3 bands  (Gold Band, Red Band or Blue Band) performing at the All-West Clinic (Thurs.- Sat., Jan. 29-31, 09) The auditions are held on Sat., Dec. 13, 2008, at University School Jackson, TN.  Parents provide transportation to and from the audition.  Students are assigned a specific time (Beginning at 8:00AM - 6:30PM) to perform through a random computer program.  Once the audition is complete, students may leave.  Plan for about an hour at the audition site.

     Each student will audition by performing a prepared piece of music (percussion will have 3 pieces one for snare, xylophone and timpani), and  3 of the 12 major scales plus the chromatic scale (all scales are from memory).  Students do not know ahead of time which 3 scales they will be asked so learning all 12 scales is required.  The third part of the audition is sight reading.  Percussionist will sight read on snare, xylophone and timpani. 

     This is a blind audition. The judge will be sitting behind a screen and not see the student or hear the student speak.  A monitor takes the student into the judge’s room and leads the student through the audition process.  Parents are not allowed in the judges room. Once the student has performed, he/she may leave.  The results will be posted on and

     The students earning positions in one of the 3 bands will participate in the All-West TN Band Clinic (Thurs.-Sat., Jan. 29-31, 09) held at The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts.  The clinic fee, hotel costs & one dinner are included in your SMS Band fees.  Due to the strenuous rehearsal schedule, the students and director will stay in a downtown hotel close to the Cannon Center . Rehearsal schedules will be available two weeks prior to the event.  The hotels will be in walking distance to the rehearsal and performance areas.

     At the Clinic our students, together will other students from all over West TN , will form 3 bands. The students will rehearse (under the direction of special clinicians) Thurs. evening, all day Friday and Sat. morning.   Saturday, starting at 8:00AM, the Junior High Bands will each present a concert starting with the Gold Band and concluding with the Blue Band.  Parents, family and friends should attend this special event!  It is a very proud moment to see your son/daughter (and my student) performing on stage in an SMS Band uniform in a 120 piece concert band!   Each student receives an All-West patch at the conclusion of the Blue Band Concert.  Parents may pick up your son/daughter after the conclusion of the Jr. High Blue Band Concert.      

     Every student I have taken to the All-West Clinic LOVES the experience!  Parents will be amazed at the musical growth this weekend will provide.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to excel as individuals in a regional competition.  This also is the first step to earning college band scholarships.  College professors are given rosters of students earning positions in the All-West Bands and eagerly seek them out for scholarships. Ninth Grade students have the option of auditioning for either the All-West Jr. or Sr. High Bands - but not both. Starting in the tenth grade, students may audition for the All-West TN Sr. High Bands and the All-West TN Wind Ensemble which also meet during the All-West Clinic weekend.  The highest scoring senior high students will also earn positions in the TN All-State Band which is held in Nashville, TN during the Tennessee Music Educators Association Conference. I ENCOURAGE all second year band students and beyond to audition!


     Beginning in September, instructors and I will be available after school to help students interested in audition for the All-West Jr. Bands.  Please check the SMS Band Calendar for days when groups of instruments practice.  Private lessons are also very beneficial for All-West preparation. Please see me for private lesson information.

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